The Power of Me, Too

Me tooThere’s power in a “me, too.”

What does that mean? It means, there is power in someone telling you you’re not alone. There is power in you being vulnerable and telling someone else that sometimes you feel what they are feeling. There is power and life-giving love in breaking down the walls of perfection and identifying with someone else’s fear, pain, failure, insecurity. There is power in being real.

I had a friend drop by my house to pick up some things. It was late (after 9pm on a school night), and my family had all gone to bed, but as she stood in the doorway for the hand-off I looked in her eyes and could see a heaviness and she looked in my eyes and saw a sadness – and we both worked our way into the living room for a chat. We started off sitting on the edges of our seats; her with her coat still on, not sure if there was time or energy for more than a quick check-in.

One stilted sentence at a time, it came out. She had received a call from the school. One of her children was in trouble. This on top of another child that was struggling to find his way in a classroom environment. Work, and school, and home, and special needs, and Church obligations, and LIFE were conspiring to inundate and overwhelm and all of it was bursting forth from her on an exhale… And then she breathed in and I saw what looked like uncertainty cross her features. Was that too much to share? Was that safe to share?

So I exhaled and said, “Me, TOO! I am overwhelmed and overworked and freaked out about life’s pressures, too! My kids are great and I try so hard, but when they fail they fail spectacularly and it’s hard not to feel like it’s my fault and my failure as a parent! My son has to go to Summer School…my daughter thinks I’m totally out of touch with reality…my baby thinks yelling ‘Shut up’ at everyone and everything is hilarious. My life. My life!”


And then I breathed in and looked at my friend. And we both smiled.
Nothing was resolved. No circumstances had changed. However, we were no longer alone in our struggles. She got real, then I got real, and both of us received what we needed, most.

The “me, too.”

  • Sara Teats

    Oh, you are just the sweetest thing ever. You always have been and I am glad to see you so happy and positive. You wrote the nicest things on my fb and I never got back to you so I wanted to now. Thank you and I can just imagine the kind of mom you are. Hang in there, sister :

    • Mo

      Wow, Sara! Thank you for the kind words. You are one of the first friends who got down in the trenches and got real with me. I love the memories I have of you! Keep posting pics and updates of your sweet girls and your lovely life. *hugs*

  • Katharine LaNelle Wilson

    There is value in having others who can understand – even with different circumstances – the complex emotions of parenting. I’m so glad you have finally found a friend that you can share with. I am also blessed to be a friend and have you as one to share things with. God is so good to give us relationships through life. You are such an amazing mom to your kids and I know it’s not for the recognition that you love them so – but it’s in the reflection of how they treat others and show love that you are following God’s path to build them up to be wonderful adults.

    • Mo

      I love you so much, Katy! For sanity’s sake, it’s important to know we’re not alone in this mothering/wifing/woman thing! Thank you for being a steady “me, too” for me. 😉

  • Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

    • Mo

      Thank you so much, veronicalee!