My New Year’s Non-Resolution

Fifteen days ago we entered a new year and with that came new resolutions. Maybe you resolved to work out more, eat better, be kinder, quit smoking, start writing, find a new job or find yourself? I made no resolutions. That’s right. None.

New Year’s Eve was different for me this year. I was still on vacation in Idaho and I found myself in a hotel room with my husband and without my kids. (Calm down, this isn’t that kind of post!) Earlier in the day I had helped set up for a wedding and then helped tear down. I was at the tail end of a two week “winter break” that held sickness, sleepovers, multiple Christmas celebrations, a Bachelorette party, and more. I was exhausted.

The hubby and I finally checked into our hotel room just before 10pm and got right to work: jammies, the New Year’s Eve show on television, and Bubble Pop on my phone. (There was a shining moment where I received a high score on my game, but I don’t like to brag.) In less than 30 minutes, Mister was asleep and I was starting to nod off as well. I had just enough time to turn off the TV and the lamp before I was out cold. Yep. We completely missed ringing in the New Year. No kiss, no champagne toast, no resolutions…nothing but a FANTASTIC night of sleep!

The next morning I woke up slightly out of sorts as I realized that I hadn’t even thought of resolutions for the coming year. For a hot second I felt guilty and irresponsible for not taking the whole thing more seriously, but then I thought, “So what?!” When I thought back on 2014, I could see all the things I was proud of that I had worked on, learned, and achieved. I could also easily see all the things I had flaked out on, failed spectacularly at, and was still working through. I know what I’ve accomplished and I know what is lacking. I know the direction I’ll be heading in 2015 and that is enough.

If you made resolutions, good for you and I hope you have a strong enough will to realize those goals and succeed! If you didn’t make any resolutions, good for you and I hope you take a few moments of reflection to think of who you are, who you want to be, and how you plan on becoming the new version of you. Then, act! If you made resolutions and have already failed 15 days into the year, pick yourself up and try again…and again. You’ll get it eventually. Just don’t give up!

In all things and in all ways show yourself grace, give yourself mercy, love those around you and 2015 could be the best year yet. You don’t need a resolution for that.

With High Hopes for a Fulfilling New Year,

New Year

Happy New Year!

  • Donna

    I love your words Mo….everything you say, “i’m like….yeah; I’m totally there.” I haven’t made a “resolution” for years….for exactly the same reasons you say! But here I am, continuing to improve myself slowly (;

    • Mo

      Whew! It’s nice to know I’m not alone on this. 😉 And I’m sure you’re improving at just the right pace. Slow but steady wins the race!