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About Me

My name is Mo and I am a mom. Not just a mom, but a mom four times over. Not just a mom four times over, but a mom raising kids with disabilities. Have I mentioned that my kids range in age from 14 to 2? Have I mentioned that my family recently moved from the Pacific Northwest to the middle of the country? I haven’t?

Well, all of those things are true, but they are only part of my story. My story involves peaks and valleys, twists and turns, cliffs with no guard rails and hours spent in the slow lane (with my left turn signal inexplicably blinking….the whole time).

I’ve been swept up in a whirlwind romance that’s lasted 14 years. I’ve been poor and I’ve been comfortable. I’ve loved friends and lost them and gained them back again. And I’ve muddled through the task of parenting, somehow managing to raise kids that are happy and healthy despite my (and sometimes their) firm opinion that I have no clue what I’m doing.

I am not Super Mom. I am not an organizational guru. I only look at Pinterest when forced to and often leave the site crying. I don’t have a sleek physique or organic yoga tips (that’s a thing, right?) I’m just a woman, still learning herself while doing her best to love others.

So, I’m going to start putting all of these experiences out there. Normal, everyday, somehow-surviving-it-all experiences. And hopefully you, dear reader, will have a laugh or learn something new or feel like your failures can be counted as wins as long as you’ve learned from them.


You can contact me at Mo@themusingsofmo.com.

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  • Katharine LaNelle Wilson

    How exciting that you will be sharing your life lessons and trials and triumphs! I hope this new journey into blogging can offer new insights for yourself and readers alike and open more doors of opportunity for you and your beautiful family! <3